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Our limos and party buses are perfect for your prom

If you’re going to prom with a group, you simply must get a limo or party bus! Our prom limo rental service is simply the best choice in Columbus and Central Ohio. We have traditional limos as well as the popular party buses that have come on the scene in recent years. Both have audio-video systems with connections for your phones and other mobile devices. You pick the music, we do the driving. Take as many pics as you can as this will be a night to remember!

Safety and responsibility (parents- read this part!)

Supreme Limousine has provided prom limo rentals since 1988. Our longevity speaks to our dedication to ensuring that our passengers arrive safely. We wear our U.S. Department of Transportation (“DOT”) number on the sides of our vehicles as badges of honor because it means that our vehicles are inspected and certified by the U.S. DOT. We have mechanics in-house so we are able to inspect our vehicles regularly and essentially without cost. And any chauffeur of ours that drives a limo or limo bus holds a Commercial Driver’s License, when required, which means they have had extensive training in operating large vehicles and meet certain requirements. We take the safety of our passengers very seriously and it shows in how we operate our business.